I started judo at the age of 5 and continued practicing it throughout my teens, obtaining my black belt at 16. 

After leaving to join the Army, and starting at a new club there, it became clear that the club I had been part of hadn’t followed a national syllabus. I had not completed any of the proper criteria to be awarded the belt I wore. More than a little dejected by this I stopped practicing judo.

Fast forward twenty years, my son asked to join the AJC and from here it is the usual story of watching for a number of weeks before slowly being tempted back onto the mat. 

With the help of the club and coaching team I was able to progress through the belts and obtain my black belt, legitimately, by completing a line up. Then in 2022 I won my 2nd Dan via line up whilst supporting other 1st Kyus and 1st Dans with their theory.

I completed my Level 1 coaching course in 2021 and have really enjoyed developing my coaching skills and in March 2024 I completed my Level 2 coaching course.