Abingdon Judo Club is running its popular beginners course starting on Thursday 27th February, and this time we’re challenging ALL 11-15 year olds to come along and give something new a try!

Judo is an Olympic martial art originating in Japan; you’ve probably seen it on TV at the Olympics in London 2012, Gemma Gibbons (who AJC hosted a masterclass in 2016) won a silver medal and in Rio 2016 Sally Conway won bronze (Sally is visited Abingdon in November 2018 to host a masterclass).

Our next course starts on Thursday 27th February at White Horse Leisure & Tennis Centre 6.00 – 7.00pm.

The course is free! and we will contact you closer to the time to remind you of your place and what you need to start.

The beginners’ course is designed to give everybody the opportunity to achieve their first grade in Judo.

All are welcome, Abingdon Judo Club fosters an inclusive environment where anybody is welcome regardless of ability, disability, special need, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Why Judo? It’s simple; have fun, get fit, gain confidence, learn some self-defence and most importantly because it’s awesome!

Testimonial from Samantha Bonnett, 2017 Beginners Course Yellow Belt Challenge graduate:
“I found the Yellow Belt Challenge to be a perfect opportunity to begin a new hobby, a lovely 12 week “taster test” for Judo where you learn a variety of skills such as throws, safe landings and hold-downs. Our Beginners Course is an awesome way to not only start Judo, but also to meet new friends and a great way to de-stress and exercise. The club has a great sense of community where all our players feel valued and are constantly encouraged which helps us improve and advance not only physically, but in our mental mindsets as well.”

Testimonial from Tomas Urbonas, 2017 Beginners Course Yellow Belt Challenge graduate:
“It was a great judo course for beginners, especially if you want to try something new and stay fit. Great coaching with excellent coach to trainee ratio. Good timing, so could be fitted into my busy timetable. Superb organisation of sessions which prepares you for belt grading. I found judo very interesting sport which you never get bored of.”

Testimonial from Emma Mean, 2017 Beginners Course Yellow Belt Challenge graduate:
“I knew I had to start exercising and had tried running and the gym but neither gave me the motivation I needed. I saw the 12 Week Yellow Belt Challenge Beginner’s Course advertised and decided to give it a go. Taking up a new sport as an adult can be daunting, but with all newbies together and with friendly and patient coaches any fear quickly fell away. Looking back at the Instagram video of that first session I am amazed at what I have achieved in less than a year through fantastic coaching and an incredibly supportive club. I am physically and mentally stronger than I have been in a very long time, and this is having such a positive impact on all other aspects of my life.”

If you have any questions just email us at abingdonjudoclub@hotmail.co.uk